Current Roster

Brett Buchman

Class of 2019

Achordant #86

Voice Part: Bass

Position: Treasurer

Major: Health Policy & Management, Chemistry

Jersey Name: Buchman

Favorite Food: Pizza

Fun Fact: His favorite food is actually burgers

"Ya don't weigh in, ya don't wrestle!"

- Brett Buchman

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Ryan ANderson

Class of 2019

Achordant #94


Voice Part: Tenor I

Position: Bass Coach

Major: Music Education

Jersey name: 80%

Favorite Food: Chipotle

Fun Fact: Ryan once did a 1000 lb squat.....and then woke up. Get it?.....Because he was dreaming!

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Sameen Salam

Class of 2019

Achordant #95


Voice Part: Tenor I/II

Major: Music/Biology

Jersey Name: Pitch Pipe

Favorite Food: "Chicken Tenders or something"

Fun Fact: Has perfect pitch (allegedly)


"Y'all can make my blurb"

- Sameen Salam

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Jack Carmichael

Class of 2019

Achordant #98


Position: Music Director

Voice Part: Baritone/Tenor 2

Major: Music

Jersey Name: Monterey

Favorite Food: Vulfpeck

Fun Fact: Overly proud of his beard


"No song brings me pure joy quite like “What A Fool Believes” by The Doobie Brothers."

- Jack Carmichael

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Reese McDonald

Class of 2019

Achordant #101

Voice Part: Tenor 2

Major: Statistics

Jersey Name: Gramps

Favorite Food: Scallops

Fun Fact: Oldest active Achordant ever

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Oliver Mitchell-Boyask

Class of 2019

Achordant #102


Position: President

Voice Part: Tenor 1/Tenor 2

Major: Peace, War, and Defense

Jersey Name: Twist

Favorite Food: Stilton Cheese

Fun Fact: Joined Achordants because they wear baseball jerseys and he likes baseball a lot.  He is currently the only member of the group that likes baseball (RIP Grant Cabell)

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Laurence Dale Diao

Class of 2019

Achordants #113

Position: Publicity Manager 

Voice Part: Tenor 1 

Major: Business Administration 

Jersey Name: Yaaaas 

Favorite Food: Lechon Baboy 

Fun Fact: I joined UNC club gymnastics and quit on the same day

"Eat my banana, Mario!" 

- Laurence Dale Diao 

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Austin Muraille

Class of 2020

Achordant #103


Voice Part: Baritone

Major: Peace, War and Defense

Jersey Name: Waffles

Favorite Food:  Waffles

Fun Fact: Speaks five language

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Matt Wakeford

Class of 2020

Achordant #109 


Voice part: Baritone

Major: Music and Environmental Studies

Jersey Name: MC WAKEFORD

Favorite Food: Spicy 9 

Fun fact: If I’m ever in a room with a piano, it’s pretty much impossible to keep me from playing it.


“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I read that one on a can of lemonade. I like to think it applies to life.”

~ Andy Dwyer

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Zachary Brown

Class of 2020

Achordant #114

Voice Part: Tenor 2

Major: Asian Studies - Chinese Language 

Jersey Name: TBD 

Favorite Food: Sushi 

Fun Fact: Has volunteered teaching English in China for a month 


- Zachary Brown 

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Michael PErez

Class of 2021

Achordant #105


Position: Business Man 

Voice Part: Tenor 1

Major: Voice Performance

Jersey Name: MIKEY

Favorite Foods: Pasta & Steak

Fun Fact: You ain't never seen a bolder smolder! - Fact Maker

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Ben Weinberg

Class of 2021

Achordant #106


Position: Assistant Music Director

Voice Part: Baritone/Bass

Major: Psychology 

Jersey Name: BENBERG

Favorite Food: Cosmic

Fun Fact: Jewish 

"Stupid fat cat idiots"

- Ben Weinberg 

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Clay Cooper

Class of 2021

Achordant #108 

Position: Social Chair 

Voice Part: Tenor 2/Tenor 1 

Major: English 

Jersey Name: Baker 

Favorite Food: Sushi 

Fun Fact: I own 5 bird shirts 

"Gotta bake bread to get bread."

- Clay Cooper 

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Will Worsley

Class of 2021

Achordant #110 

Voice part: Bass/Baritone 

Major: Psychology/Communications 

Jersey Name: Skylark 

Favorite Food: Most types of cheese 

Fun Fact: Excels in all high-pressure combat situations, especially slap boxing. 

"Last solo!" 

-Will Worsley 

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Ben Robinson

Class of 2021 

Achordant #115

Voice Part: Baritone

Major: Music Education 

Jersey Name: TBD

Favorite Food: New York Strip Steak 

Fun Fact: I'm a firey redhead living in a dragon guarded castle surrounded by hot boiling lava, yet enjoy sipping piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

"Can I have the ACP with chicken?"

- Ben Robinson 

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Tyler Cochrane

Class of 2022 

Achordant #111

Voice part: T2

Major: Physics

Jersey Name: Sweet T

Favorite food: Carbohydrates

Fun fact: I have very tender shins

 “”Is it, or may it be.” -Sameen Salam” 

-Tyler Cochrane

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Carson Sifford

Class of 2022

Achordant #116

Position: Alumni Relations Manager

Voice Part: Baritone 

Major: Music 

Jersey Name: TBD

Favorite Food: BBQ Chicken Wings 

Fun Fact: One time I almost auditioned to be a Kidz Bop kid

"Your life can't fall apart if you never had it together."

- Carson Sifford 

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