Founded in the spring of 2001, the Achordants formed as an all-male a cappella group at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a mission to entertain and to promote the message of diversity through music. Since the group's inception, the Achordants have striven to perform a wide variety of music in as many different locations as possible. In the Spring of 2005, the Achordants became the South Regional Champions at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, securing them a spot on the stage of NYC's Lincoln Center. The group never loses sight of its mission statement, and continues to hold a rich tradition of advocating charitable causes and supporting multicultural organizations. Perhaps most importantly, the Achordants believe that the key to collegiate a cappella is to have fun, and to not take yourself too seriously.

The Achordants have recorded 6 albums in their 17-year tenure: Polluted With Style (2006), High Stakes Old Maid (2007), A Refreshing Glass Of OJ (2010), Greene St. (2012), Almost 8:08 (2016), and A Swing and a Miss (2018).

The UNC Achordants are proudly sponsored by the UNC-CH Campus Y.

(Pictured: The Achordants performing at Sunset Serenade in August of 2017)

(Pictured: The Achordants performing at Sunset Serenade in August of 2017)


Who founded the Achordants?

The Achordants were founded by Derek Vanderpool, Arash Jahanian, and Eric Ellis in Spring of 2001.

So where does the name "Achordants" come from, anyway?

Look up the word "harmony" in a thesaurus and you'll find "accordance." From this word, the creators simply added the musical "chord" pun, threw out some letters, added a "t", and voilà, you've got "Achordants!"

What's the time commitment like?

It's important to us that we have many diverse members who are actively involved on campus. However, being an Achordant is a significant time commitment. Two rehearsals per week (plus gigs) is standard, and attendance is mandatory. The workload increases whenever we’re preparing for our semesterly concerts, holding auditions, competing, or recording albums. We traditionally go on retreat over fall break as well. On the whole, expect the Achordants to be your primary extracurricular activity.

Does being in the Achordants cost money?

To this date, there have NEVER been required membership fees. And we plan to keep it that way.

Can I audition?

As long as you identify as male and love to sing, absolutely! The Achordants hold auditions every August, January and April.

Can I hire the Achordants to sing at my event?

Yes! You can head on over to our business inquiries page, or just send us an email at uncachordants@gmail.com