Audition FAQ's

The Achordants will be holding auditions in the Spring of 2020! More information, including date and location will be updated here within the coming days!

Q: Why should I audition?
A: For the love of the music, the love of the performance, and the love of charitable causes. The Achordants have long made it our primary mission to strongly support charity groups and multicultural organizations here on campus. Also, performing a cappella at UNC-Chapel Hill is a great way to become immediately involved with our bustling campus. We work hard, have fun, and rock people's faces (and socks) off!

Q: What are auditions like?
A: Auditions are your chance to get to know our group more personally - as well as chill with us for a bit. They're also our chance to get to know YOU more personally, and chill with YOU for a bit. Of course, there's some singing involved too. So prepare a 30-60 second solo that you feel shows off your voice the best, and get ready to sing it for us a cappella. For those taking notes, that's some ancient language for "without accompaniment". Your selection may be of any genre; remember, the Achordants are always interested in new and exciting types of music! Also, we'll be finding your complete vocal range through some simple warmups, and learning about your ear with some pitch matching exercises. Warm up before you walk in the room for best results!

Q: How should I prepare for my audition?
A: The best thing to do is get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. The more relaxed and hydrated you are, the more pleased you will be with your results. You don't need to have the lyrics memorized, but holding a lyrics sheet means you're more likely to look down and lose the connection with the audience. The bottom line is, if you're confident and comfortable with your piece, you'll be great!

Q: What voice parts are you looking for? How many slots are you trying to fill?
A: We try our best to tailor our part assignments around voices available, instead of auditioning only certain voices. So don't worry about voice part, we take care of that after auditions. As far as size goes, our group generally will peak at 18 members, but that is a flexible number.

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